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Dienstag, 22. November 2016

Downfall or why the evil puppet Angela Merkel is running again !!

Hallo dear readers and fellow truth seekers,
our German chancellor Angela Merkel has decided that she hasn't done enough harm to Germany
and that she would like to stay another term in office, probably to finish off the job she started
and destroy Germany and its culture and way of life completely.
Why she is doing it and who is behind her I don't know, but in my opinion it is obvious, that she is a
 puppet, a marionette and that she is just executing the orders and instructions of other much bigger players. Who these people are, I don't know, but Merkel became chancellor in 2005, just a few weeks after she attended the Bilderberg meeting in Rottach-Egern in Bavaria, so we are talking about the usual suspects. And she always has been very close to Henry Kissinger:

And once in office Merkel pursued a completely different immigration policy than she demanded as opposition leader. In those days she was very, very critical of unrestricted immigration and she mentioned several times, that Germany should focus on the immigrants who are allready
in Germany, because there were enough problems with them and the most of them weren't even integrated at all. And suddenly everything changes and during the last year or so she let more than a million people into Germany, of whom 20 to 30 percent are totally illiterate.


And by now among millions of Germany there is an incredible personal hatred towards this evil and destructice woman growing. Scores of Germans have told me in private conversations, that they want her dead and rather sooner than later. I have never experienced anything like this in my life, but this violent hatred towards Merkel is fully understandable. She alone is single-handedly responsible for this mass muslim invasion into Germany. She alone without any consultations with her ministers or members of parliament decided to open Germany's borders without any need or legal requirments
 to do so.
Actually she even disregarded current asylum laws (Dublin Agreement) by announcing that migrants from safe countries would be let into Germany as well and that every Syrian citizens would be granted asylum in Germany without any individual checks. She basicly granted asylum to an entire people. It is totally insane and by now there have been hundred thousands of crimes commited by these so called refugees who are all without exception economic migrants, because they came from safe countries like Austria (!!), Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy and so on. Nobody came directly from Aleppo, Mossul or Kabul.

You don't flee from Austria to Germany, You move houses or You migrate !!

This development will eventually lead to a civil war like situation in Germany, that's for sure and and I do believe, that there will be violent attacks and even assassination attempts on Merkels life. millions of people are just totally fed up and see no chance of changing this mess through
democratic means.

And let me make one point crystal clear: if this rate of islamic immigration continues, Germany will eventually be a predominantly muslim country with Scharia law and the rest of it, it is just a question of time. It could be in 40 or 50 years or may in a hundred years, but it will definetly happen and then German won't be a democratic and liberal country anymore and it wont be an ally of the United States or Israel anymore either. So it will matter to the rest of the world as well, but the majority of Germans don't seem to care, they simply avoid looking at the facts.

Like lemmings they are walking to the abyss and next year they will be voting for Merkel again and in doing so for their own abolition and destruction. It is totally insane, it is a mass neurosis. This country has given up the will to defend itself. They are surrendering to the muslim invaders, they are surrendering to Islam. This patient has no will to live anymore.
But so be it. May it is the direction great nations are going eventually, but to observe the sheer stupidity of Germans, who are supporting this course - and that are still 70 to 80 percent - is absolutely mind boggling. With their silly welcoming culture, with their leniancy towards foreign criminals they are destroying their own country, their own culture and the future of their children
and while doing so, they still think, that they are doing the right thing. It is totally insane !!

But if These Germans - led by this evil puppet Angela Merkel - don't have the will to defend their lifestyle and their civil liberties anymore, than these people probably deserve to live in an oppressive theocratic muslim state in the future, because freedom is not free and you always should to be ready to defend it. If not the enemies of freedom will take over, take yours and others freedom away and than do as they please with you and the rest of your country. And that is exactly what these muslim invaders will be doing some day in the future. And that is exactly the reason, why the slogan
should always be:

No freedom to the enemies of freedom !!
personified evil:

The science is absolutely clear, but nobody talks about it: if this demographic developement will continue - and there is no reason why it shouldn't -, Germany will be an islamic state in the near future and the opressive and absurdly violent Islam will have prevailed.

To prevent this all muslim immigration would have to be stopped immediately and religious freedom would need to be severely restricted for all muslims allready living in Germany, but this is never
going to happen.

The only chance I see is, that an outside force, someone like Donald Trump, comes to the rescue and puts massive pressure on Germany to change their immigration policy with the threat to otherwise withdraw the friendship of and the protection by the United States of America. That is exactly, what the future president Donald Trump should be doing otherwise the United States will loose a powerful and loyal ally in the forseeable future.

But who is going to tell Donald Trump??

Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz
0049 176 434 72044


By the way I did apply for one of the jobs in Donald Trumps
new administration, foreign policy advicer with
emphasis on German affairs !!


May be Germany should even forbid Islam as a totalitarian unconstitutional political ideology, which it is, without a shadow of a doubt. Always remember Adolf Hitler. He used democracy and liberty to get rid of both an he announced it from the start, but nobody forbade his movement. And see what happened then.

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   Thank you very much !!

Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

Happy 9/11 everybody !!

Congratulations, Donald Trump and German Folks, lets make Germany great again
 next and especially more German. And may be a bit more American as well.

And please, Mr.President, use your new powers to rid us of the traitor to the
 German people, the devious and clinicly insane Angela Merkel.

  Please !!!!!  

Thank you for that and God bless !!

   Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz........
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Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

The Syrian terrorist refugee in Germany was probably murdered in his prison cell !!

Dschaber Al-Bakr wurde von syrischen Landsleuten am Sonntag in Leipzig überwältigt, gefesselt und der Polizei übergeben. Jetzt erhängte sich der Terrorist in der JVA

Hey dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

the Syrian terrorist refugee Jabr Al-Bakr conveniently committed suicide in his German prison cell after he mentioned in interrogations, that his 'heroic' Syrian captors were actually his accomplices.

And by the way according to Islam you go straight to hell, if you ever commit suicide and
apparently Jabr Al-Bakr was a very devout muslim. In this weird ideology of Islam you are just allowed or better encouraged to kill other people, but not yourself or just together with
other People.

And this poor Syrian refugee, who entered Germany illegally and whose asylum plea was very quickly accepted, travelled afterwards extensively to Turkey and from there he went
several times across the border into Syria, the country, where he is
actually fleeing from....

You don't want this guy to spill the beanes, do You?

We Germans are really being taken for a ride here, it is totally insane !!

This guy actually went to Idlib, southwest of Alleppo, where several ISIS sleeper cells
have been operating recently:


 and here several reports in German from the German mass media, in which they
are reporting, that Jabr Al-Bakr was accusing his Syrian captors of actually
being his accomplices.




All the German media refer to the 'dpa' - 'Deutsche Presse Agentur' or the German press agency
as the source of the accomplices-statement and he 'dpa' apparently got it from the criminal


There is nothing about this information in English or American media outlets.....


So please spread this news !!.....

      So Long. Carsten Schulz.......
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rumours are now emerging in the internet, that this guy on the picture is allready dead. Have a look  at him. He actually looks completely lifeless indeed, no body tension, no resistance, nothing. And blood is coming out of his mouth. Some other people think, that the person holding him, is actually a woman - look at her or his body shape - and this person is definetly not using any strength whatsoever. This is totally mysterious, this Syrian guy actually looks asleep.

Or really dead indeed.

My god, these German authorities are lying through their teeth and if some day I myself, the
 will be found dead in the gutter, it wasn't any accident. Don't believe this for a moment.
 And I will never commit suicide either, never ever, that's for sure !!..........

Freitag, 23. September 2016

The NEXT American president - Barack Obama !!

Hey folks and especially fellow truth seekers,
for several months I have been following the US-election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump und couldn't make any sense of it, but now I finally found out, what is really going on. I finally had my heureka moment.
For months I had been watching Hillary Clintons health deteriorating and I was
 wondering why she is not pulling out of the race. By now she is clearly
 unfit to be president. She is obviously physicly and mentally falling apart
and probably even dying.
          So what is the plan? What is the agenda behind it?.....
It is actually very simple:
The puppet masters in the background, these agents of the New World Order (NWO)
have to ensure that Hillary stays alive and in the race until election day and that
nobody or at least not too many people will find out about her serious health issues.
By the way she most likely has a very special, serious and particularly
aggressive form of Parkinson.


And these movers and shakers in the background, this shadow government
will try everything to make Hillary win these elections, if necessary they will
 manipulate them big time like they did with George Bush and
 Al Gore in Florida.
And after Hillary has won, they will be disclosing her health problems or more
 correctly, they will claim, that her health has suddenly deteriorated and
Barack Obama himself will declare her unfit for office and use emergency
laws to prevent her from being inaugurated in January. So he hmself
will stay in office, probably even for an entire third term, as long as
the puppets from the constitutional court will agree. And they will.
Any new elections will take very long to organize anyway, a democratic
 candidate has been elected, it is an emergency situation and so
Obama just might continue to stay in office. He might just has to be
formally confirmed by the Democratic National Covention (DNC).
In such a scenario even Donald Trump couldn't say anything,
because he will have lost the elections fair and square and the
other question is, if Trump is not part of this whole charade anyway,
 the same way Bernie Sanders was, just alibi candidates to
pretend that the American people actually do have a choice
 when they actually clearly don't.
But by now there is one big problem:

Hillary's health is obviously deteriorating much faster than the shadow men anticipated and because of this there is a real danger, that Donald Trump will win these presidential elections. Hillary just looks like a broken and very ill woman, clearly unelectable. Remember the situation six months ago: Hillary was flying and Trump didnt have a chance in the world to beat her, but by now more and more people are waking up to the fact, that Hillary is a very sick, severely disabled and handicapped woman, completely unfit to be the next president of the United States of America. She cannot hide it anymore and that has become a huge problem.
So now Plan B might swing into action. The shadow men might just decide to pull the plug on Hillary before these elections and consequently they will have to be postponed, but again, this way Obama will stay in office at least a year longer. That is obviously just the second favourite option, because in this scenario new elections will definetly have to be held, but at least it will give the establishment the chance to find a new candidate and Trump isn't going to get any younger anyway.
And there is even a third possibility: Whenever the shadow government is sure, that Hillary will lose these elections, they might just let Trump win the presidency, but beforehand will put pressure on him to accept certain conditions for his time in office with the threat,that otherwise they will pull the plug on Hillary and will have these elections postponed indefinetely. I don't think, that Trump would actually accept such a form of blackmail, but who knows how Independent and truly democratic he really is. But this is definetly the least likely option of all three.
The shadow government will go for Plan A as long as possible and just if Hillary will
 be collapsing again or will have more uncontrollable seizures, they will refer to Plan
 B and pull her out of the race, if neceessary just a few days before election day.
And let us see, how she will do in the two debates of whom the first one will
 be at the 26th of September. If she will show up at all !!.....
Of course these are all very zynical plots, because a lot of people must have known,
 that Hillary is seriously ill and she should have never entered the race, but they
are obviously using her to grant Barck Obama a third term in office or at
least to buy themselves more time to find a new more suitable
(democratic) puppet. Trump seems to be a bit - especially financially - to
 independent and a tad to unpredictable to them, allthough he is clearly a man
 of the establishment as well. How else would you become a billionaire
 property tycoon in New York of all places ? And for more than a year now
Trump has been sucking up to the Jewish lobby in the United States
 big time...

That could be all a big scam, Trump pretending to be anti-establishment and
 independent, the mass media writing him down and slagging him off and
whenever he is elected under this pretense he will do exactly what the
shadow men want him to do.

Are you listening, Alex Jones? And Infowars. And 'Wearechange'.
And 'pressfortruth'. And all the other so called alternative media.
Trump is no saint, the same way Obama was no saint. In my opinion
Trump will just turn out to be another puppet of the money men.

But for me personally the fact is most shocking, that the American
mass media by large are totally complicit in this plot to cover up Hillarys major health problems. These health issues are so obvious and are so visible, that it is absolutely disgusting, despicable and hugely irresponsible, that the corporate media are not mentioning them at all.
Well, but that is obviously, how this so
                called (American) democracy works...
So Long. Carsten Schulz
 0049 176 434 72044
Even in Germany the mass media are totally promoting and even glorifying Hillary
  and there is hardly any mentioning of her serious health issues either. They really
 believe the story of this not treated pneumonia, absolutely ridiculous.
And these corporate German media - for example the leading German news magazine
'Der Spiegel' or the leading Greman daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) -
are totally condemning and badmouthing Donald Trump. 
They are obviously really afraid of him,
                      so Donald Trump must be doing something right !!.........
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Montag, 5. September 2016

The end of Angela Merkel and the rise of Ursula von der Leyen, Henry Kissingers new lap dog !!....

Hello dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

In June I published 2 articles in this blog, predicting, that German defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen will be the next chancellor of Germany and that Angela Merkels time is up and today it
looks as if I was spot on.

 from the 24th of june:


and from the 29th of June:


And why am I so confident??....

Because yesterday there were federal elections in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where Merkels own constituency lies, and  Merkels party, the CDU, lost these elections in catastrophic fashion. They just became the third strongest party with 19 Percent of the vote behind the new right wing anti-immigration party, the AfD with 21.8 percent and the SPD with
30,1 percent of the vote.

And today for the first time in her 11 years reign the mass media in Germany started to talk about alternatives to Angela Merkel and obviously the name Ursula von der Leyen keeps popping up,
but this is no coincidence, but very much planned and premeditated.

Please do remember and I did inform you about it already in May :

Apparently Merkel declined her invitation to the Bilderberg meeting in June in Dresden. That
was the answer of her spokesperson to an official question by the German socialist parliamentary
Group 'Die Linke'. She and her chief of staff, Peter Altmaier officially DECLINED the invitaion of Mr. Kissinger and the Bilderbergers.

Normally that would have been a huge affront and may be Merkel didnt know, what she was doing, but that is rather unlikely, because she herself was installed by the Bilderbergers following their prevoius meeting in Germany in 2005 in Rottach-Egern in Bavaria.

(Merkel was there for the first time, our previous chancellor Gerhard Schröder was there and a few weeks after this Bilderberg meeting in Bavaria Schröder called for early elections with no need whatsoever to do so and allthough he was down in the polls. Subsequently he lost these elections and in October 2005 Merkel became the new chancellor of Germany. And Gerhard Schröder got a nice Job as an advicer to the Swiss branch of the Rothchild banking dynasty !! A nice consolation price indeed!!)

So it is more likely, that the Bilderbergers and Merkel came to a mutual agreement, that her time is up and that there was no need for her anymore to attend this years Bilderberg meeting. So she declined the invitation with the permission of the Bilderbergers and their chief executive Henry Kissinger and like I explained in the 2 articles above the new puppet of Kissinger and the Bilderbergers is our defense minister Ursula von der Leyen. She has been pampered and promoted by Kissingers for the last 3 years or so and right now she is very busy increasing the German army and reactivating 500 German Leopard tanks.

and look how cosy they are together:

But for which war? I dont know and your guess is as good as mine, but Iran springs to mind and that would fit in with the attempted military putsch in Turkey, I mean this military coup where Erdogan tried to putsch himself out of office, this staged false flag operation which Erdogan is using now to cleanse the Turkish army and judicial sytem of any critical elements whatsoever, probably so that the Turkish army can be used as a spearhead in the coming war against the Iran. These 2 countries have a very long common border together, so in any military operation against Iran, Turkey is of enormous importance, basicly indispensable as an ACTIVE ally. And these strategic thoughts were behind the staged coup attempt in Turkey.

All the tensions with Russia and all the sabre rattling ist just a smokecreen to divert the public Attention away from a future war against Iran and nobody will dare to attack the atomic
powerhouse Russia, that would be suicidal, eevn for the Rothchilds and Rockefellers.

And the invasion of Syria by the Turkish army was just the ouverture to the far bigger goal, the biggest objectice and the greatest price in the Middle East at all, regime change in Iran with the help of Hillary Clinton, Ursula von der Leyen and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

And when did the Turkish invasion of Syria begin? Absolut correct. just a few days after this so called 'military putsch' and the subsequent purge of the Turkish army, judicial sytem
and media outlets. This all has obviously been planned long time ago and the US-elite and the other globalist are currently just putting everything together for the attack against the Iran, the last oil-producing country in the Middle East which the USA are not controlling.

Erdogan and Turkey are on board and now they just have to wait for the American elections, for  a new puppet, eeh American president and for a new German chancellor and then this little Persian 'adventure' can finally go ahead.

Ooh yes, and we will obviously need another terrorist attack, which will be blamed on Iran and the Ayatollahs. Well, thats one of the smallest tasks for the CIA and Mossad.

 Look at 9/11, easy peasy....

My god, folks, the future looks very dark indeed.

Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz...
0049 176 434 72044...

the next general elections in Germany will be in September or October 2017
and a new president nd head of stae will be elected in February of
the same year. So there will be regime change in Germany first
 and then in Iran..........





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Sonntag, 3. Juli 2016

How our future chancellor and convinced warmonger looks like........

Hey Folks,

 here you have some pictures of our future chancellor and war leader, Ursula von der Leyen,
the current war minister, eeh minister of defence, so you will always recognize her:

look at this silly Picture. von der Leyen obviously thinks, that war is a big joke,
like a boy scout meeting:


to be continued......

Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

the German defence minister von der Leyen is the new poodle of the US-imperialists !!.........

Dear readers, fellow truth seekers and peace lovers,

more news about the poodle of Mr. Kissinger, the German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen:
first of all here an interview with her in English on BBC hardtalk from October last year:


furthermore in January 2016 she announced that the German army will be modernised to the extend of 130 Billion Euros EXTRA in the next 15 years. That is the biggest military investment in Germany since the

 And von der Leyen plans to increase the size of the German army by at least 9000 extra soldiers in the coming years, but probably a lot more:


That doesn't sound a lot, but by whom are we actually threatened??.
And who is going to attack us or any other NATO country??..

It is blatantly obvious to me, that von der Leyen is executing the advice or better the orders of Henry Kissinger, which he gave to her in 2014 in their private meetings in Munich and New York - see my
previous article  -  when he demanded more military investment and more military engagement by the German government.

 At first von der Leyen was a bit hesitant, but by now she apparently has caved in and has become the willing executioner of the US-Elite und that is obviously the reason why Mr.Kissinger and other US-imperialists and warmongers are promoting and furthering von der Leyens career quite excessively

She definetely will be the next chancellor of Germany. Watch this space !!.....

And may be it will be Hillary Clinton in the White House in Washington
 and Ursula von der Leyen in the Chancellery in Berlin, who together
will attack the Iran, the biggest throphy for the hawks in Washington
 or they will start some other military 'adventure'.

2 women and mothers, if they decide to go to war,
 there must be a proper reason for doing so !!

 And by the way since last year the German army forms the spearhead of the
 new quick reaction force of NATO based in the Baltic countries. And von
der Leyen has aleady ordered to 'reactivate' more than 500 German
 Leopard tanks which had been put out of service.

Well, the last German war against Russia - codename Barbarossa -
 has been exactly 75 years ago and obviously for some people
 this break has been a bit too long

Stay vigilant. Carsten Schulz...
0049 176 434 72044...


I dont hate Islam,
       I am just a bit sceptical,
                 because Islam hates me !!......

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Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

The German president Joachim Gauck almost gets lynched !!......

Dear Readers,

that is what happens in Germany to German presidents when they say the people
 are the problem of Europe, not the elite. They actually want to lynch him and
 they are shouting:

piss off, piss off

traitor of the people

 we dont want any Nazi pigs

we dont want any Stasi swines


and here as well:


                              the revolution might be just around the corner !!........

So Long. Carsten Schulz....
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Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

German president Joachim Gauck blames not the elite but the people for the problems of Europe.........

Hello Folks,

I just found this clip. A few days before the brexit the German president Joachim Gauck (from former East Germany and with possible ties to the East German securitiy services, the Stasi) says literally, word by word, that not the elite in Europe is the problem but the people.
What a giant arsehole !!



So Long. Carsten Schulz...
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Ubi Libertas ibi Patria !!

Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

German defence minister von der Leyen is the new lap dog of Henry Kissinger !!.....

Dear readers,

a security guard from the Kempinski Hotel in Dresden has leaked, that during the dinner at the Dresden Castle the German defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen was placed  next to Henry Kissinger. That is an ominous sign and I have mentioned before, that von der Leyen will be
 the next chancellor of Germany and that Angela Merkels days in office are numbered.

And von der Leyen has a remarkable personal history with Henry Kissinger. Look at this Picture of both of them at the security conference in Munich in 2014. The German born jewish guru of international politics, Hennry Kissinger, and his young and obedient follower and
disciple, Ursula von der Leyen,.

The mutual sympathy is blatantly obvious:




Ursula von der Leyen - a medical doctor and 7-times-mother (!!) -  became defense minister in December 2013, in February 2014 she made a speech in fluent English at the security conference in Munich and announced, that in future Germany will pull her weight militarily as well. At this conference she had a private breakfast with Kissinger and obviously made quite a favourable impression on him:


A few months later she flew to New York and Washington to introduce herself officially to the Obama adminstration and again she had several meetings with Kissinger in New York, one at
the UN and the other at the 'American council on Germany'. Furthermore she met the
 German born jewish historian and longtime close friend of Kissinger, Fritz Stern, and
finally she visitied the American Jewish Committee.


In June 2015 she was a guest at the the Bilderberg conference in Telfs in Austria
and again made a speech to security issues. This stay was declared as a
 professional visit or a travel of duty (Dienstreise). She was
 even accompanied by her deputy Kathrin Suder, an IT-specialist
and former director at the management consulting firm McKinsey. Miss Suder was actually
 the first ever female director at McKinsey and interesting enough she is officially banned from
travelling to Russia for making critical remarks about Russian politics.

At Telfs von der Leyen obviously met Kissinger again and she was subsequently reinvited to Bilderberg this time to the meeting in Dresden, which happened just a few weeks ago.
For me it is very obvious, that Henry Kissinger took a shine to her and is
 promoting and furthering her career.

von der Leyen is the future and Merkel is the past !!

So Long. Carsten Schulz...
0049 176 434 72044..

Henry Kissinger recently also met with Frauke Petry, the leader of the new
German far right party AfD or Alternative for Germany and that is obviously the
reason for the fact, that neither Frauke Petry, who was born and still lives in Dresden,
 nor her colleagues from the national executive board of this party made any comment to the
Bilderberg meeting in Dresden at all, not a single word.

Just the local branch of this party demonstrated against the Bilderberg
conference. This AfD has been corrupted allready and
 subsequently is no alternative for Germany whatsoever !!......


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Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

Google deletes my blog about the German far right politician Frauke Petry and the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden......

Hi guys,

 yesterday Google deleted my German blog   http://www.frauke-petry-und-bilderberg-2016.blogspot.com/ without mentioning any reasons for doing so. I obviously complained to Google and apparently they will review this decision.

In this blog I asked the question, if Frauke Petry, the leader of the new far right party AfD,
the so called Alternative for Germany will attend the Bilderberg meeting as a surprise
 guest, because in 2 months she didn't mention this conference at all, allthough she was born and bread in Dresden and still lives there. And apparently she and her Party are against the Euro and against the mass Immigration of muslim refugees into Germany, but she failed to make a single comment - critical or otherwise - about the meeting of the people who are at least partly responsible for all these problems, especially the destruction of German sovereignty. That was very suspicious indeed.

Furthermore in 2013 and 2014 Frauke Petry payed several vistis to the US-consulate in Leipzig and at the beginning of this year she flew to Israel without telling anybody, what she actually was doing there.

Interesting enough the Big Boss of Google, Eric Schmidt, was one of the attendees of the
 Bilderberg conference in Dresden. Yeah, but these are all weird conspiracy theories,
of course they are.

please stay vigilant. Carsten Schulz...
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