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Donnerstag, 28. April 2016

The reasons for the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden........

Dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

My name is Carsten Schulz,  and I am an investigative journalist and blogger from
 Hannover in Germany and this is my first blog in English, so please don't be too
hard on me.

The subject of this blog ist the upcoming Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, which will be held in the 'Kempinki Hotel Taschenberg-Palais slap-bang in the centre of Dresden and in the heart of the
historic old city. You cannot find a more central location in Dresden than this area.

Here you can see the hotel in the middle to the right of the Picture:


But why?

Because in general the Bilderberger have always met in a remote area somewhere in the countryside.
And now they will meet for the first time in the centre of a medium-sized city without any buffer zones whatsoever as you can see. Why? And why Dresden of all places? There are much more attractive, exciting and entertaining cities in Germany than Dresden. Basicly this town is very overrated. And why Germany at all and not the United States as many researchers speculated??
That is where the presidential elections will be held in November, so that will be surely the most important event of this year.

So why Dresden/Germany and not Chantilly/Virginia again like in 2008?

These are my answers and this is my analysis:

The Bilderberger and their controllers and masters in the background are pretty sure, that Hillary Clinton will win the presidential elections, so there is nothing for them to be worried about or to arrange or engineer in the US anymore. Donald Trump will obviously win the nomination of the Republican Party, but he won't stand a chance against Hillary in the general election, because she is the Chosen candidate of the establishment and the banksters and others will make sure that she will win this election. Besides Donald Trump won't get many of the female and black votes anyway.
there are very specific German and European reasons for the choice of Dresden:
at the same weekend there is a huge protest planned at the US-military base of Ramstein in the Southwest of Germany and that has been in planning since last year. The organizers will now try to connect these two events, but it will be very difficult, because These 2 locations are very far away from each other and that could have been a motive of the Bilderberger, to split the protest and
peace movements.
the leaders of the 2 new patriotic movements in Germany, Frauke Petry and Lutz Bachmann come from Dresden. They were born and bred there and they both still live there and the Bilderberger decided to choose exactly their home town for the next meeting. What a coincidence !!
Frauke Petry heads the new German Party AfD, 'Alternative für Deutschland' or 'Alternative for Germany'and by now they have entered several federal parliaments and are at about 12 to 13 percent at the polls for the next general election in 2017. They are against the European super state and they want Germany to leave the Euro and go back to the Deutschmark and quite a few members want Germany to leave NATO as well and create closer ties with Russia. You can imagine how the Bilderberger will like these ideas.
So are they coming to Dresden to make contact with Frauke Petry or with other leaders from the AfD, may be to make them a specific offer which they couldn't reject or is it just a demonstration of their power and their disregard for this new German party?? An interesting additional information in this context is the fact, that Frauke Petry might me soon prosecuted for perjury. The prosecution service of Dresden might start investigations any time soon. So these circumstances make her a bit vulnerable and succeptible for any form of help. She recently filed for bankruptcy as well and she is as good as broke and there might be still a few other legal trials in the pipeline.


The other leader Lutz Bachmann heads the German Pegida movement - you might have heard about it - it stands for 'Patriots of Europe against the Islamisation of the Occident' and it is a Europe wide movement, but for some reasons just in Dresden they have managed to bring thousands and sometimes even ten thousands of people to the streets and it has been going on for almost 2 years, which is quite an achievement in the age of the internet. Just in Dresden this movement is that strong and people come from far away to their weekly demonstrations and evening walks through Dresden on a monday evening.
Their leader Lutz Bachmann has an extensive criminal record for theft, burglary, drug taking and drug dealing and spent more than one year in prison (German laws are very lenient as you might know) and he is right now in a court case in Dresden, because he has been charged with making racist comments and normally he should be let off with a fine but he could be sent to jail as well. It will be up to the judge
He and his Pegida followers want the mass immigration into Germany to be stopped right now and he wants all illegal refugees to be deported right away. Furthermore he wants German culture to be preserved and to be declared the leading or guiding culture of Germany and there should be a clear primacy or dominance of Christian faith and traditions over Islam or other religions.
The interesting fact about both these people is now, that in the last weeks since the announcement of the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden neither of them has mentioned this subject, not even with one word. They have completely ignored it. Lutz Bachmann makes a speech in Dresden every Monday and he hasnt mentioned the Bilderberger with one word. Here is a recent Pegida demonstration about 200 yards away from the hotel where the Bilderberger will meet:

And Frauke Petry regularly visits all kinds of events and posts every day on her Facebook site and the
same here, she hasn't mentioned the Bilderberger at all and now over the coming weekend the AfD 
will have a huge  programmatic national party assembly and lets see, what will happen there.
 Some of the party members promised me that they will raise this issue and we will see,
what will happen then.
These are obviously all suspicions and speculations on my behalf, but the fact of the matter is, that  by meeting in Dresden the Bilderberger deliberately go into the lions den, into the heart of the new German patriotic movement and there must be a reason for that. The traitor and destroyer of the fatherland, the chancellor of all Syrians, Angela Merkel, will be there, her crown princess, defense minister Ursula von der Leyen will be there like last year in Austria when she made a speech about security matters and was even accompanied by the deputy defense minister Katrin Suder, who used to work for McKinsey for several years. And then just have a look who else was on the pay roll of Mckinsey:
and there is another interesting Information about the husband of Angela Merkel, Joachim Sauer. Immediately after the wall came down he went to the United States to work for two chemical companys apparently with close links to the arms industry for all together more than 12 years and for a few years now he has been a member of the executive board of the biggest German newspaper and media company, Axel Springer. He obviously seems to be the one with the brains in this partnership:
Nach der deutschen Wiedervereinigung war Sauer 1990/91 für ein Jahr bei BIOSYM Technologies in San Diego technischer Direktor für Katalyse. In der Zeit von 1991 bis 2002 war er für die Accelrys (ehemals Molecular Simulations Inc., MSI) in San Diego als Berater tätig.

In those days Angela Merkel used to visit him regularly in San Diego and may be her good rapport with the Bilderberger stem from this time. By the way the last Bilderberg meeting in Germany was in 2005 in Rottach-Egern in Southern Bavaria - deep in the Bavarian country side -, former chancellor Gerhard Schröder was the host and Angela Merkel was on the guest list for the fist time.

A few weeks later Schröder called for early elections - without any need to do so - and a few    months later Merkel was the new chancellor of Germany. And the rest is history.

So what will the future hold this time around for Germany? We are soon to find out !!........
So, folks, thats it for now. I hope that these informations will be of some help to you and if you Need any further informations, have any questions or want to enlighten me in any form please dont hesitate to contact me.

my email address is   kasimir2811@yahoo.co.uk

 my phone number in Germany is  0176 434 72044

and my twitter account ist 

And I hope that I will see all you guys in Dresden to fight for freedom and democracy
 and against the executioners and henchmen of the New World Order.

So Long. Carsten Schulz...

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