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Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016

Russia Today belongs to the lying corporate media as well !!............

Dear readers,

a few days ago there was a long interview with AfD-politician Frauke Petry on Russia Today Gemany and the journalist Jasmin Kosubek from RT_Deutsch didn't ask her one question about the Bilderberg
 Meeting in Dresden. That is very suspicious.


And the bizarre fact was, that this interview was conducted in the parliament building of Dresden, which is about 200 Yards away from the Kempinyky Hotel, where the Bilderberg conference will be held and like
 I mentioned before Frauke Petry is born and bread in Dresden, lived her entire life in Dresden and is the leader of the pralimantary AfD-Group in the federal parliament of Saxonia, the state
Dresden is the capital of.

 It is absolutely ridiculous, so you have to conclude, that Russia Today is playing a double game.
Yes, they are reporting about the Bilderberg meetings somehow, but on the other side they don't ask the politicians any tough questions about it or they have an agreement, not to ask these questions, but one way or the other for me personally Russia Today lost all credibility and lets face it, Russia Today is nothing else than corporate media as well and controled by the russian state and Mr.Putin himself.

And there the main question emerges, which is avoided by the most truth seekers and anti-globalist and anti-Bilderberg-activsts:

 how much are actually Russia and Vladimir Putin part of the global conspiracies?
What is their connections to the Bilderberger and other conspirators?
And who inside of Russia is actually controlling Mr.Putin?
Or is he indeed as independent and strong as some
people want us to believe?..

And he is not saying much to the Bilderberger either or to 9/11 nor similar plots...

So, please, do stay vigilant and dont believe that Mr.Putin is the god guy and
 that Russia can do no wrong. Whenever Russia is bombing Syria they
are killing mainly civilains as well.

Russian bombs are not smarter than Americans ones.
There are no smart bombs at all, there are just stupid ones !!

to be continued.....

Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Even more German politicians at the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden !!........

Dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

one more German politician has been invited to the Bilderberg Meeting in Dresden
and it is the governor of the state of Saxonia where Dresden is located and the capital of,
 Stanislaw Tillich from the CDU. Currently he is also  the president of the second
German chamber, the Bundesrat.

He is quoted as looking forward to the Bilderberg meeting and being happy
about the fact, that the Bilderberger have chosen Dresden as their location.
But apparently he is just invited for one dinner.

This information comes as an answer to a question by a left wing member
of the saxonian federal parliament, Enrico Stange:

And here ist the official question of the socialist party 'Die Linke' or
 'The Left' to the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden 
and the answer of the German government:

So all together there are now 7 German politician attending this Bilderberg meeting,
           Angela Merkel, 5 of her senior ministers and the governor of the state of Saxonia.

By the way the mayor of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert from the FDP, the so called liberal party,
is very happy about this meeting as well. According to him It would enhance the
 reputation of Dresden and will be good for business. Interesting enough he also
 mentioned that he himself was already informed about the meeting
 in december of last year. So at least he is able to Keep his mouth shut,
allthough he was actually directly elected by the Dresdener people
 and not by the Bilderberger.

His got his loyalties obviously a bit mixed up !!...

And once more:  the local branch of the AfD is very critical of this meeting
but the leading national representatives haven't uttered one critical
word yet. And interesting enough the leading figure of this party,
 Frauke Petry, was born in Dresden, still lives in Dresden, is a member
of the federal parliament of Saxonia which resides in Dresden 
and is the leader of the parliamentary group of the AfD in
 this parliament and You know what?

This parliament building is just a few blocks away from the Kempinky Hotel and there will be several official parliamentary working group sessions happening at the 9th and the 10th of june.  May be we should pay them a visit, if these AfD-politicians don't come out to demonstrate with us.

Allthough Frauke Petry won't be there as she mentioned to me in a facebook message recently.
She will be in Bavaria at this time, she obviously has better things to do than demonstrating
against the undertakers of western democracy.

She obviously got her priorities a bit mixed up as well !!

Allthough three years ago when she was completely unknown she posted a very critical comment about  the Bilderberger on her facebook site. It is very strange how time can change or more correctly can corrupt some people:

All the best and see You all in Dresden.
And keep being vigilant. Carsten Schulz,
passionate truth seeker and anarchist

0176 434 72044

Montag, 16. Mai 2016

Paul Watson, Alex Jones and Infowars get it wrong about the Bilderberg protests in Dresden !!........

Hello dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

just a few days ago Paul Watson from infowars published an article, which was very badly researched. He basicly just copied stuff, which he had found in an article in the huffington post.
That's bad journalism,  Mr.Watson !! I really expected more from an employee of Alex Jones and prisonplanet.


The fact is, while the local organisations of the new German patriotic party AfD have protested against the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, the national leaders of this party didn't and they had ample opportunities to do so. They had a national party conference at the 30th of April and the 1st of May in Stuttgart and could have easily made a statement against this Bilderberg meeting, which would have been  been a powerful signal, but they didn't.

And their popular leader Frauke Petry could have easily mentioned the Bilderberg conference at one of her countless talkshow appearences and by doing so she would have reached millions of German viewers, who in their vast majority have never heard about this meeting. This way she could have enlightened millions of citizens and made them familiar with this term 'Bilderberg', but she didn't and this is very suspicious indeed.

But the big conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed Bilderberg experts Paul Watson and Alex Jones don't mention this dubious behaviour of the leaders of the AfD with one word, although I had already informed both of them of this situation more than a week ago.

Well, still a lot to learn for this 2 truth seeking activists.

And the leaders of anti-immigration and anti-islam movement Pegida have finally addressed this subject of the Bilderberg meeting and announced some protests against it, but just after more than 3 weeks of silence and just after I had personally lead a campaign against their behaviour of totally ignoring this issue, allthough the Bilderberg meeting is going to happen in their home town of Dresden. These hardcore patriotic activist obviously had to be carried to the hunt by the author
of this blog and thats very suspicious as well.

So we will have to wait and see who will really protest against this Bilderberg meeting and
who won't. The actions in Dresden will eventually give all the answers. This will be the
litmus test for all the alleged patriotic and anti-globalist movements of Germany.........

Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz...
0049 (0) 176 434 72044


Dienstag, 10. Mai 2016

Chancellor Angela Merkel and 5 of her ministers will attend Bilderberg in Dresden !!....

Dear Readers and fellow truth seekers,

chancellor Angela Merkel and 5 (!!) of her ministers will atttend the Bilderberg conference in Dresden. That's todays answer  to a question which the left wing parliamentary group
'Die Linke'posted to the interior ministry a couple of weeks ago. The left-alternative
 German newspaper 'taz' reported it online just a few moments ago:


So there will be definetely a huge German agenda on this years Bilderberg meeting.
Germany is the key to the building of a European superstate and to the planned
destruction of the European nation states. Just Germany is prepared to accept millions of so called refugees - because of the past and her guilt complex - and from here these hords of mainly muslim invaders can travel on to other European destinations. Thats the plan and may be the Bilderberger chose Dresden as warning from history. You Germans will obey or we will flatten you again
 like we did with  Dresden more than 70 years ago.

Welcome to the zynical world of the Bilderberger !!

But a possible connection for the choice of Dresden with Pegida and AfD still remains.
Just a few days ago, it was revealed, that the leader of the AfD, Frauke Petry, who was born in  Dresden and still lives there, spoke to one branch of the German Secret Service, 'the Verfassungschutz', in autumn last year and nobody knows about what.

And in 2013 and 2014 Ms. Petry went several times to the General consulate of
the USA in the town of Leipzig to have talks with the American consul and
 possibly a few other people, but Frauke Petry never revealed what
these talks were about..

And in February of this year Ms Petry flew to Israel and nobody knows what
 she was doing there either. She seems to be the hell of a networker and

My god,  how the Bilderberger would love her !!

By the way Frauke Petry contacted me on Facebook and told me that she wouldn#t be
 in Dresden at the time of the Bilderberg meeting, because she 'had things to do in
 Bavaria'. What things exactly she didn't specify. And so far she hasn't made any public
statement about the Bilderberg meeting in her hometwon of Dresden at all and she
 had ample opportunities to do so.

The boss of Pegida, Lutz Bachmann, finally - but with more than 3 weeks delay !! - mentioned the Bilderberg meeting in his hometown of Dresden and he announced exactly 8 days ago, that Pegida is planning several protests in form of direct actions against this meeting, so we will see, if he puts his money where his mouth is. And anyway it remains very suspicious, that it took him more than 3 weeks to say something about this subject at all.

By the way the German ministers who will attend Bilderberg are

 - Sigmar Gabriel, vice-chancellor and minister for economic affairs

-  Frank-Walter Steinmeier, Minister for foreign affairs

- Wolfgang Schäuble , minister of finances

- Ursula von der Leyen, minister of defence and Angela Merkels darling and crown princess,
who already attended the Bilderberg meeting last year in Austria

-  Peter Altmeier- the chief of staff and man for special tasks in  Angela Merkels cabinett

for further informations:

(0049) (0) 176 434 72044




See You all in Dresden !!.......

Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz..