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Mittwoch, 18. Mai 2016

Even more German politicians at the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden !!........

Dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

one more German politician has been invited to the Bilderberg Meeting in Dresden
and it is the governor of the state of Saxonia where Dresden is located and the capital of,
 Stanislaw Tillich from the CDU. Currently he is also  the president of the second
German chamber, the Bundesrat.

He is quoted as looking forward to the Bilderberg meeting and being happy
about the fact, that the Bilderberger have chosen Dresden as their location.
But apparently he is just invited for one dinner.

This information comes as an answer to a question by a left wing member
of the saxonian federal parliament, Enrico Stange:

And here ist the official question of the socialist party 'Die Linke' or
 'The Left' to the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden 
and the answer of the German government:

So all together there are now 7 German politician attending this Bilderberg meeting,
           Angela Merkel, 5 of her senior ministers and the governor of the state of Saxonia.

By the way the mayor of Dresden, Dirk Hilbert from the FDP, the so called liberal party,
is very happy about this meeting as well. According to him It would enhance the
 reputation of Dresden and will be good for business. Interesting enough he also
 mentioned that he himself was already informed about the meeting
 in december of last year. So at least he is able to Keep his mouth shut,
allthough he was actually directly elected by the Dresdener people
 and not by the Bilderberger.

His got his loyalties obviously a bit mixed up !!...

And once more:  the local branch of the AfD is very critical of this meeting
but the leading national representatives haven't uttered one critical
word yet. And interesting enough the leading figure of this party,
 Frauke Petry, was born in Dresden, still lives in Dresden, is a member
of the federal parliament of Saxonia which resides in Dresden 
and is the leader of the parliamentary group of the AfD in
 this parliament and You know what?

This parliament building is just a few blocks away from the Kempinky Hotel and there will be several official parliamentary working group sessions happening at the 9th and the 10th of june.  May be we should pay them a visit, if these AfD-politicians don't come out to demonstrate with us.

Allthough Frauke Petry won't be there as she mentioned to me in a facebook message recently.
She will be in Bavaria at this time, she obviously has better things to do than demonstrating
against the undertakers of western democracy.

She obviously got her priorities a bit mixed up as well !!

Allthough three years ago when she was completely unknown she posted a very critical comment about  the Bilderberger on her facebook site. It is very strange how time can change or more correctly can corrupt some people:

All the best and see You all in Dresden.
And keep being vigilant. Carsten Schulz,
passionate truth seeker and anarchist

0176 434 72044

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