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Montag, 16. Mai 2016

Paul Watson, Alex Jones and Infowars get it wrong about the Bilderberg protests in Dresden !!........

Hello dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

just a few days ago Paul Watson from infowars published an article, which was very badly researched. He basicly just copied stuff, which he had found in an article in the huffington post.
That's bad journalism,  Mr.Watson !! I really expected more from an employee of Alex Jones and prisonplanet.


The fact is, while the local organisations of the new German patriotic party AfD have protested against the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden, the national leaders of this party didn't and they had ample opportunities to do so. They had a national party conference at the 30th of April and the 1st of May in Stuttgart and could have easily made a statement against this Bilderberg meeting, which would have been  been a powerful signal, but they didn't.

And their popular leader Frauke Petry could have easily mentioned the Bilderberg conference at one of her countless talkshow appearences and by doing so she would have reached millions of German viewers, who in their vast majority have never heard about this meeting. This way she could have enlightened millions of citizens and made them familiar with this term 'Bilderberg', but she didn't and this is very suspicious indeed.

But the big conspiracy theorists and self-proclaimed Bilderberg experts Paul Watson and Alex Jones don't mention this dubious behaviour of the leaders of the AfD with one word, although I had already informed both of them of this situation more than a week ago.

Well, still a lot to learn for this 2 truth seeking activists.

And the leaders of anti-immigration and anti-islam movement Pegida have finally addressed this subject of the Bilderberg meeting and announced some protests against it, but just after more than 3 weeks of silence and just after I had personally lead a campaign against their behaviour of totally ignoring this issue, allthough the Bilderberg meeting is going to happen in their home town of Dresden. These hardcore patriotic activist obviously had to be carried to the hunt by the author
of this blog and thats very suspicious as well.

So we will have to wait and see who will really protest against this Bilderberg meeting and
who won't. The actions in Dresden will eventually give all the answers. This will be the
litmus test for all the alleged patriotic and anti-globalist movements of Germany.........

Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz...
0049 (0) 176 434 72044


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