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Sonntag, 29. Mai 2016

Russia Today belongs to the lying corporate media as well !!............

Dear readers,

a few days ago there was a long interview with AfD-politician Frauke Petry on Russia Today Gemany and the journalist Jasmin Kosubek from RT_Deutsch didn't ask her one question about the Bilderberg
 Meeting in Dresden. That is very suspicious.


And the bizarre fact was, that this interview was conducted in the parliament building of Dresden, which is about 200 Yards away from the Kempinyky Hotel, where the Bilderberg conference will be held and like
 I mentioned before Frauke Petry is born and bread in Dresden, lived her entire life in Dresden and is the leader of the pralimantary AfD-Group in the federal parliament of Saxonia, the state
Dresden is the capital of.

 It is absolutely ridiculous, so you have to conclude, that Russia Today is playing a double game.
Yes, they are reporting about the Bilderberg meetings somehow, but on the other side they don't ask the politicians any tough questions about it or they have an agreement, not to ask these questions, but one way or the other for me personally Russia Today lost all credibility and lets face it, Russia Today is nothing else than corporate media as well and controled by the russian state and Mr.Putin himself.

And there the main question emerges, which is avoided by the most truth seekers and anti-globalist and anti-Bilderberg-activsts:

 how much are actually Russia and Vladimir Putin part of the global conspiracies?
What is their connections to the Bilderberger and other conspirators?
And who inside of Russia is actually controlling Mr.Putin?
Or is he indeed as independent and strong as some
people want us to believe?..

And he is not saying much to the Bilderberger either or to 9/11 nor similar plots...

So, please, do stay vigilant and dont believe that Mr.Putin is the god guy and
 that Russia can do no wrong. Whenever Russia is bombing Syria they
are killing mainly civilains as well.

Russian bombs are not smarter than Americans ones.
There are no smart bombs at all, there are just stupid ones !!

to be continued.....

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