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Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

the German defence minister von der Leyen is the new poodle of the US-imperialists !!.........

Dear readers, fellow truth seekers and peace lovers,

more news about the poodle of Mr. Kissinger, the German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen:
first of all here an interview with her in English on BBC hardtalk from October last year:


furthermore in January 2016 she announced that the German army will be modernised to the extend of 130 Billion Euros EXTRA in the next 15 years. That is the biggest military investment in Germany since the

 And von der Leyen plans to increase the size of the German army by at least 9000 extra soldiers in the coming years, but probably a lot more:


That doesn't sound a lot, but by whom are we actually threatened??.
And who is going to attack us or any other NATO country??..

It is blatantly obvious to me, that von der Leyen is executing the advice or better the orders of Henry Kissinger, which he gave to her in 2014 in their private meetings in Munich and New York - see my
previous article  -  when he demanded more military investment and more military engagement by the German government.

 At first von der Leyen was a bit hesitant, but by now she apparently has caved in and has become the willing executioner of the US-Elite und that is obviously the reason why Mr.Kissinger and other US-imperialists and warmongers are promoting and furthering von der Leyens career quite excessively

She definetely will be the next chancellor of Germany. Watch this space !!.....

And may be it will be Hillary Clinton in the White House in Washington
 and Ursula von der Leyen in the Chancellery in Berlin, who together
will attack the Iran, the biggest throphy for the hawks in Washington
 or they will start some other military 'adventure'.

2 women and mothers, if they decide to go to war,
 there must be a proper reason for doing so !!

 And by the way since last year the German army forms the spearhead of the
 new quick reaction force of NATO based in the Baltic countries. And von
der Leyen has aleady ordered to 'reactivate' more than 500 German
 Leopard tanks which had been put out of service.

Well, the last German war against Russia - codename Barbarossa -
 has been exactly 75 years ago and obviously for some people
 this break has been a bit too long

Stay vigilant. Carsten Schulz...
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I dont hate Islam,
       I am just a bit sceptical,
                 because Islam hates me !!......

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Sonntag, 26. Juni 2016

The German president Joachim Gauck almost gets lynched !!......

Dear Readers,

that is what happens in Germany to German presidents when they say the people
 are the problem of Europe, not the elite. They actually want to lynch him and
 they are shouting:

piss off, piss off

traitor of the people

 we dont want any Nazi pigs

we dont want any Stasi swines


and here as well:


                              the revolution might be just around the corner !!........

So Long. Carsten Schulz....
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Samstag, 25. Juni 2016

German president Joachim Gauck blames not the elite but the people for the problems of Europe.........

Hello Folks,

I just found this clip. A few days before the brexit the German president Joachim Gauck (from former East Germany and with possible ties to the East German securitiy services, the Stasi) says literally, word by word, that not the elite in Europe is the problem but the people.
What a giant arsehole !!



So Long. Carsten Schulz...
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Ubi Libertas ibi Patria !!

Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

German defence minister von der Leyen is the new lap dog of Henry Kissinger !!.....

Dear readers,

a security guard from the Kempinski Hotel in Dresden has leaked, that during the dinner at the Dresden Castle the German defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen was placed  next to Henry Kissinger. That is an ominous sign and I have mentioned before, that von der Leyen will be
 the next chancellor of Germany and that Angela Merkels days in office are numbered.

And von der Leyen has a remarkable personal history with Henry Kissinger. Look at this Picture of both of them at the security conference in Munich in 2014. The German born jewish guru of international politics, Hennry Kissinger, and his young and obedient follower and
disciple, Ursula von der Leyen,.

The mutual sympathy is blatantly obvious:




Ursula von der Leyen - a medical doctor and 7-times-mother (!!) -  became defense minister in December 2013, in February 2014 she made a speech in fluent English at the security conference in Munich and announced, that in future Germany will pull her weight militarily as well. At this conference she had a private breakfast with Kissinger and obviously made quite a favourable impression on him:


A few months later she flew to New York and Washington to introduce herself officially to the Obama adminstration and again she had several meetings with Kissinger in New York, one at
the UN and the other at the 'American council on Germany'. Furthermore she met the
 German born jewish historian and longtime close friend of Kissinger, Fritz Stern, and
finally she visitied the American Jewish Committee.


In June 2015 she was a guest at the the Bilderberg conference in Telfs in Austria
and again made a speech to security issues. This stay was declared as a
 professional visit or a travel of duty (Dienstreise). She was
 even accompanied by her deputy Kathrin Suder, an IT-specialist
and former director at the management consulting firm McKinsey. Miss Suder was actually
 the first ever female director at McKinsey and interesting enough she is officially banned from
travelling to Russia for making critical remarks about Russian politics.

At Telfs von der Leyen obviously met Kissinger again and she was subsequently reinvited to Bilderberg this time to the meeting in Dresden, which happened just a few weeks ago.
For me it is very obvious, that Henry Kissinger took a shine to her and is
 promoting and furthering her career.

von der Leyen is the future and Merkel is the past !!

So Long. Carsten Schulz...
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Henry Kissinger recently also met with Frauke Petry, the leader of the new
German far right party AfD or Alternative for Germany and that is obviously the
reason for the fact, that neither Frauke Petry, who was born and still lives in Dresden,
 nor her colleagues from the national executive board of this party made any comment to the
Bilderberg meeting in Dresden at all, not a single word.

Just the local branch of this party demonstrated against the Bilderberg
conference. This AfD has been corrupted allready and
 subsequently is no alternative for Germany whatsoever !!......


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Dienstag, 21. Juni 2016

Google deletes my blog about the German far right politician Frauke Petry and the Bilderberg meeting in Dresden......

Hi guys,

 yesterday Google deleted my German blog   http://www.frauke-petry-und-bilderberg-2016.blogspot.com/ without mentioning any reasons for doing so. I obviously complained to Google and apparently they will review this decision.

In this blog I asked the question, if Frauke Petry, the leader of the new far right party AfD,
the so called Alternative for Germany will attend the Bilderberg meeting as a surprise
 guest, because in 2 months she didn't mention this conference at all, allthough she was born and bread in Dresden and still lives there. And apparently she and her Party are against the Euro and against the mass Immigration of muslim refugees into Germany, but she failed to make a single comment - critical or otherwise - about the meeting of the people who are at least partly responsible for all these problems, especially the destruction of German sovereignty. That was very suspicious indeed.

Furthermore in 2013 and 2014 Frauke Petry payed several vistis to the US-consulate in Leipzig and at the beginning of this year she flew to Israel without telling anybody, what she actually was doing there.

Interesting enough the Big Boss of Google, Eric Schmidt, was one of the attendees of the
 Bilderberg conference in Dresden. Yeah, but these are all weird conspiracy theories,
of course they are.

please stay vigilant. Carsten Schulz...
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Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

A muslim as next German president and head of state??......

Hey guys,

interesting and somehow shocking  news from Germany. The 3 political parties 'Die Linke' (socialists), the SPD (social-democrats) and the Green Party are trying to find a common candidate for the presidential elections in February next year and they put the name of an German muslim of Iranian heritage forward:


He is a writer and novelist from Cologne and he made somewhat anti-Christian
 remarks in the past:


Here is a list of is rather mediocre his books from his own website.
  All his books are obviously written in German:


Hardly anybody in Germany knows this guy, but he is the darling of the kultural left-leaning establishment, because he comes from a migration Background and by now these people
 are getting a clearly preferential treatment in Germany. And now he is supposed to  become the new German president and subsequently head of state. That is totally surreal....

Where are the Bilderbergers when you need them ??.....

So long. Carsten Schulz...
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Samstag, 4. Juni 2016

The Bilderbergers don't like the German president !!....

Hello dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

it has just been leaked, that the German president and head of state, Joachim Gauck, won't be running for a second term. He will meet chancellor Merkel on monday and will make a public announcement the following day, interesting enough just in time for the Bilderberg conference in Dresden, which will start next Thursday.


and in the 'Zeit' newspaper:


So the Bilderberger will not just have to choose a new German chancellor as successor for Angela Merkel, but a new president and head of state as well. The work never stops for these guys and
 they obviously seem to have really big plans for Germany. And now we know as well, why they chose Germany for their dubious conference

Furthermore it has emerged, that apparently Angela Merkel, her chief of staff, Peter Altmeier, and the 2 SPD-ministers Sigmar Gabriel (economy and vice-chancellor) and Frank-Walter Steinmeier (foreign) have declined their invitations to the Bilderberg meeting, which is very strange
 and curious indeed.

This announcement was part of an official statement by the government,
but who knows if it is true.

Especially Angela Merkel as the chancellor of the host country should at least make a
welcoming speech. This is actually some kind of tradition with these Bilderberg meetings,
but we will see....

So officially just Wolfgang Schäuble (finances), Thomas de Maiziere (interior) and Ursula von der Leyen (defence) will attend this Bilderberg conference, but even this makes a lot of sense.

De Maiziere, who lives in Dresden (!!) and von der Leyen are the only possible
 successors  to Angela Merkel while Schäuble, who is much older (73) and
bound to a weel chair, could easily become the new president of Germany
 and the new head of state.

According to the Bilderbergers these 3 German politicians seem to be
the future of Germany while Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck are the past.

And the fact, that the 2 SPD-politicians won't be attending ist interesting again,
because I think, that the new German party, the AfD, will become a part of
the German government rather sooner than later and that is obviously the reason,
why their leading figures are not mentioning this Bilderberg conference at all, which is very suspicious indeed, especially, because their main representative, Frauke Petry, is born and bread in Dresden, still lives there and furthermore is the leader of the AfD-faction in the federal parliament of Saxonia, which resides in Dresden, just a few blocks away from the Kempinsky hotel, where the Bilderbergers will meet.

So I personally do think, that the plan of the agents of the New World Order is, to form the AfD into some sort of controlled opposition and by doing so to neutralize the anti-euro- and anti-Immigration- protests in Germany. So from next year on the new German government might
 consist of a CDU-AfD coalition.

So these 2 SPD-Ministers Gabriel and Steimeier will be surplus to requirements !!........

See You all in Dresden.......
 Carsten Schulz...
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just a few days ago president Gauck was on a state visit at Buckingham
 Palace to meet the Queen: