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Freitag, 24. Juni 2016

German defence minister von der Leyen is the new lap dog of Henry Kissinger !!.....

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a security guard from the Kempinski Hotel in Dresden has leaked, that during the dinner at the Dresden Castle the German defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen was placed  next to Henry Kissinger. That is an ominous sign and I have mentioned before, that von der Leyen will be
 the next chancellor of Germany and that Angela Merkels days in office are numbered.

And von der Leyen has a remarkable personal history with Henry Kissinger. Look at this Picture of both of them at the security conference in Munich in 2014. The German born jewish guru of international politics, Hennry Kissinger, and his young and obedient follower and
disciple, Ursula von der Leyen,.

The mutual sympathy is blatantly obvious:




Ursula von der Leyen - a medical doctor and 7-times-mother (!!) -  became defense minister in December 2013, in February 2014 she made a speech in fluent English at the security conference in Munich and announced, that in future Germany will pull her weight militarily as well. At this conference she had a private breakfast with Kissinger and obviously made quite a favourable impression on him:


A few months later she flew to New York and Washington to introduce herself officially to the Obama adminstration and again she had several meetings with Kissinger in New York, one at
the UN and the other at the 'American council on Germany'. Furthermore she met the
 German born jewish historian and longtime close friend of Kissinger, Fritz Stern, and
finally she visitied the American Jewish Committee.


In June 2015 she was a guest at the the Bilderberg conference in Telfs in Austria
and again made a speech to security issues. This stay was declared as a
 professional visit or a travel of duty (Dienstreise). She was
 even accompanied by her deputy Kathrin Suder, an IT-specialist
and former director at the management consulting firm McKinsey. Miss Suder was actually
 the first ever female director at McKinsey and interesting enough she is officially banned from
travelling to Russia for making critical remarks about Russian politics.

At Telfs von der Leyen obviously met Kissinger again and she was subsequently reinvited to Bilderberg this time to the meeting in Dresden, which happened just a few weeks ago.
For me it is very obvious, that Henry Kissinger took a shine to her and is
 promoting and furthering her career.

von der Leyen is the future and Merkel is the past !!

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Henry Kissinger recently also met with Frauke Petry, the leader of the new
German far right party AfD or Alternative for Germany and that is obviously the
reason for the fact, that neither Frauke Petry, who was born and still lives in Dresden,
 nor her colleagues from the national executive board of this party made any comment to the
Bilderberg meeting in Dresden at all, not a single word.

Just the local branch of this party demonstrated against the Bilderberg
conference. This AfD has been corrupted allready and
 subsequently is no alternative for Germany whatsoever !!......


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