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Dienstag, 14. Juni 2016

A muslim as next German president and head of state??......

Hey guys,

interesting and somehow shocking  news from Germany. The 3 political parties 'Die Linke' (socialists), the SPD (social-democrats) and the Green Party are trying to find a common candidate for the presidential elections in February next year and they put the name of an German muslim of Iranian heritage forward:


He is a writer and novelist from Cologne and he made somewhat anti-Christian
 remarks in the past:


Here is a list of is rather mediocre his books from his own website.
  All his books are obviously written in German:


Hardly anybody in Germany knows this guy, but he is the darling of the kultural left-leaning establishment, because he comes from a migration Background and by now these people
 are getting a clearly preferential treatment in Germany. And now he is supposed to  become the new German president and subsequently head of state. That is totally surreal....

Where are the Bilderbergers when you need them ??.....

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