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Mittwoch, 29. Juni 2016

the German defence minister von der Leyen is the new poodle of the US-imperialists !!.........

Dear readers, fellow truth seekers and peace lovers,

more news about the poodle of Mr. Kissinger, the German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen:
first of all here an interview with her in English on BBC hardtalk from October last year:


furthermore in January 2016 she announced that the German army will be modernised to the extend of 130 Billion Euros EXTRA in the next 15 years. That is the biggest military investment in Germany since the

 And von der Leyen plans to increase the size of the German army by at least 9000 extra soldiers in the coming years, but probably a lot more:


That doesn't sound a lot, but by whom are we actually threatened??.
And who is going to attack us or any other NATO country??..

It is blatantly obvious to me, that von der Leyen is executing the advice or better the orders of Henry Kissinger, which he gave to her in 2014 in their private meetings in Munich and New York - see my
previous article  -  when he demanded more military investment and more military engagement by the German government.

 At first von der Leyen was a bit hesitant, but by now she apparently has caved in and has become the willing executioner of the US-Elite und that is obviously the reason why Mr.Kissinger and other US-imperialists and warmongers are promoting and furthering von der Leyens career quite excessively

She definetely will be the next chancellor of Germany. Watch this space !!.....

And may be it will be Hillary Clinton in the White House in Washington
 and Ursula von der Leyen in the Chancellery in Berlin, who together
will attack the Iran, the biggest throphy for the hawks in Washington
 or they will start some other military 'adventure'.

2 women and mothers, if they decide to go to war,
 there must be a proper reason for doing so !!

 And by the way since last year the German army forms the spearhead of the
 new quick reaction force of NATO based in the Baltic countries. And von
der Leyen has aleady ordered to 'reactivate' more than 500 German
 Leopard tanks which had been put out of service.

Well, the last German war against Russia - codename Barbarossa -
 has been exactly 75 years ago and obviously for some people
 this break has been a bit too long

Stay vigilant. Carsten Schulz...
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