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Samstag, 4. Juni 2016

The Bilderbergers don't like the German president !!....

Hello dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

it has just been leaked, that the German president and head of state, Joachim Gauck, won't be running for a second term. He will meet chancellor Merkel on monday and will make a public announcement the following day, interesting enough just in time for the Bilderberg conference in Dresden, which will start next Thursday.


and in the 'Zeit' newspaper:


So the Bilderberger will not just have to choose a new German chancellor as successor for Angela Merkel, but a new president and head of state as well. The work never stops for these guys and
 they obviously seem to have really big plans for Germany. And now we know as well, why they chose Germany for their dubious conference

Furthermore it has emerged, that apparently Angela Merkel, her chief of staff, Peter Altmeier, and the 2 SPD-ministers Sigmar Gabriel (economy and vice-chancellor) and Frank-Walter Steinmeier (foreign) have declined their invitations to the Bilderberg meeting, which is very strange
 and curious indeed.

This announcement was part of an official statement by the government,
but who knows if it is true.

Especially Angela Merkel as the chancellor of the host country should at least make a
welcoming speech. This is actually some kind of tradition with these Bilderberg meetings,
but we will see....

So officially just Wolfgang Schäuble (finances), Thomas de Maiziere (interior) and Ursula von der Leyen (defence) will attend this Bilderberg conference, but even this makes a lot of sense.

De Maiziere, who lives in Dresden (!!) and von der Leyen are the only possible
 successors  to Angela Merkel while Schäuble, who is much older (73) and
bound to a weel chair, could easily become the new president of Germany
 and the new head of state.

According to the Bilderbergers these 3 German politicians seem to be
the future of Germany while Angela Merkel and Joachim Gauck are the past.

And the fact, that the 2 SPD-politicians won't be attending ist interesting again,
because I think, that the new German party, the AfD, will become a part of
the German government rather sooner than later and that is obviously the reason,
why their leading figures are not mentioning this Bilderberg conference at all, which is very suspicious indeed, especially, because their main representative, Frauke Petry, is born and bread in Dresden, still lives there and furthermore is the leader of the AfD-faction in the federal parliament of Saxonia, which resides in Dresden, just a few blocks away from the Kempinsky hotel, where the Bilderbergers will meet.

So I personally do think, that the plan of the agents of the New World Order is, to form the AfD into some sort of controlled opposition and by doing so to neutralize the anti-euro- and anti-Immigration- protests in Germany. So from next year on the new German government might
 consist of a CDU-AfD coalition.

So these 2 SPD-Ministers Gabriel and Steimeier will be surplus to requirements !!........

See You all in Dresden.......
 Carsten Schulz...
0176 434 72044...

just a few days ago president Gauck was on a state visit at Buckingham
 Palace to meet the Queen:


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