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Montag, 5. September 2016

The end of Angela Merkel and the rise of Ursula von der Leyen, Henry Kissingers new lap dog !!....

Hello dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

In June I published 2 articles in this blog, predicting, that German defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen will be the next chancellor of Germany and that Angela Merkels time is up and today it
looks as if I was spot on.

 from the 24th of june:


and from the 29th of June:


And why am I so confident??....

Because yesterday there were federal elections in the German state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, where Merkels own constituency lies, and  Merkels party, the CDU, lost these elections in catastrophic fashion. They just became the third strongest party with 19 Percent of the vote behind the new right wing anti-immigration party, the AfD with 21.8 percent and the SPD with
30,1 percent of the vote.

And today for the first time in her 11 years reign the mass media in Germany started to talk about alternatives to Angela Merkel and obviously the name Ursula von der Leyen keeps popping up,
but this is no coincidence, but very much planned and premeditated.

Please do remember and I did inform you about it already in May :

Apparently Merkel declined her invitation to the Bilderberg meeting in June in Dresden. That
was the answer of her spokesperson to an official question by the German socialist parliamentary
Group 'Die Linke'. She and her chief of staff, Peter Altmaier officially DECLINED the invitaion of Mr. Kissinger and the Bilderbergers.

Normally that would have been a huge affront and may be Merkel didnt know, what she was doing, but that is rather unlikely, because she herself was installed by the Bilderbergers following their prevoius meeting in Germany in 2005 in Rottach-Egern in Bavaria.

(Merkel was there for the first time, our previous chancellor Gerhard Schröder was there and a few weeks after this Bilderberg meeting in Bavaria Schröder called for early elections with no need whatsoever to do so and allthough he was down in the polls. Subsequently he lost these elections and in October 2005 Merkel became the new chancellor of Germany. And Gerhard Schröder got a nice Job as an advicer to the Swiss branch of the Rothchild banking dynasty !! A nice consolation price indeed!!)

So it is more likely, that the Bilderbergers and Merkel came to a mutual agreement, that her time is up and that there was no need for her anymore to attend this years Bilderberg meeting. So she declined the invitation with the permission of the Bilderbergers and their chief executive Henry Kissinger and like I explained in the 2 articles above the new puppet of Kissinger and the Bilderbergers is our defense minister Ursula von der Leyen. She has been pampered and promoted by Kissingers for the last 3 years or so and right now she is very busy increasing the German army and reactivating 500 German Leopard tanks.

and look how cosy they are together:

But for which war? I dont know and your guess is as good as mine, but Iran springs to mind and that would fit in with the attempted military putsch in Turkey, I mean this military coup where Erdogan tried to putsch himself out of office, this staged false flag operation which Erdogan is using now to cleanse the Turkish army and judicial sytem of any critical elements whatsoever, probably so that the Turkish army can be used as a spearhead in the coming war against the Iran. These 2 countries have a very long common border together, so in any military operation against Iran, Turkey is of enormous importance, basicly indispensable as an ACTIVE ally. And these strategic thoughts were behind the staged coup attempt in Turkey.

All the tensions with Russia and all the sabre rattling ist just a smokecreen to divert the public Attention away from a future war against Iran and nobody will dare to attack the atomic
powerhouse Russia, that would be suicidal, eevn for the Rothchilds and Rockefellers.

And the invasion of Syria by the Turkish army was just the ouverture to the far bigger goal, the biggest objectice and the greatest price in the Middle East at all, regime change in Iran with the help of Hillary Clinton, Ursula von der Leyen and Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

And when did the Turkish invasion of Syria begin? Absolut correct. just a few days after this so called 'military putsch' and the subsequent purge of the Turkish army, judicial sytem
and media outlets. This all has obviously been planned long time ago and the US-elite and the other globalist are currently just putting everything together for the attack against the Iran, the last oil-producing country in the Middle East which the USA are not controlling.

Erdogan and Turkey are on board and now they just have to wait for the American elections, for  a new puppet, eeh American president and for a new German chancellor and then this little Persian 'adventure' can finally go ahead.

Ooh yes, and we will obviously need another terrorist attack, which will be blamed on Iran and the Ayatollahs. Well, thats one of the smallest tasks for the CIA and Mossad.

 Look at 9/11, easy peasy....

My god, folks, the future looks very dark indeed.

Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz...
0049 176 434 72044...

the next general elections in Germany will be in September or October 2017
and a new president nd head of stae will be elected in February of
the same year. So there will be regime change in Germany first
 and then in Iran..........





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