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Freitag, 23. September 2016

The NEXT American president - Barack Obama !!

Hey folks and especially fellow truth seekers,
for several months I have been following the US-election campaign between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump und couldn't make any sense of it, but now I finally found out, what is really going on. I finally had my heureka moment.
For months I had been watching Hillary Clintons health deteriorating and I was
 wondering why she is not pulling out of the race. By now she is clearly
 unfit to be president. She is obviously physicly and mentally falling apart
and probably even dying.
          So what is the plan? What is the agenda behind it?.....
It is actually very simple:
The puppet masters in the background, these agents of the New World Order (NWO)
have to ensure that Hillary stays alive and in the race until election day and that
nobody or at least not too many people will find out about her serious health issues.
By the way she most likely has a very special, serious and particularly
aggressive form of Parkinson.


And these movers and shakers in the background, this shadow government
will try everything to make Hillary win these elections, if necessary they will
 manipulate them big time like they did with George Bush and
 Al Gore in Florida.
And after Hillary has won, they will be disclosing her health problems or more
 correctly, they will claim, that her health has suddenly deteriorated and
Barack Obama himself will declare her unfit for office and use emergency
laws to prevent her from being inaugurated in January. So he hmself
will stay in office, probably even for an entire third term, as long as
the puppets from the constitutional court will agree. And they will.
Any new elections will take very long to organize anyway, a democratic
 candidate has been elected, it is an emergency situation and so
Obama just might continue to stay in office. He might just has to be
formally confirmed by the Democratic National Covention (DNC).
In such a scenario even Donald Trump couldn't say anything,
because he will have lost the elections fair and square and the
other question is, if Trump is not part of this whole charade anyway,
 the same way Bernie Sanders was, just alibi candidates to
pretend that the American people actually do have a choice
 when they actually clearly don't.
But by now there is one big problem:

Hillary's health is obviously deteriorating much faster than the shadow men anticipated and because of this there is a real danger, that Donald Trump will win these presidential elections. Hillary just looks like a broken and very ill woman, clearly unelectable. Remember the situation six months ago: Hillary was flying and Trump didnt have a chance in the world to beat her, but by now more and more people are waking up to the fact, that Hillary is a very sick, severely disabled and handicapped woman, completely unfit to be the next president of the United States of America. She cannot hide it anymore and that has become a huge problem.
So now Plan B might swing into action. The shadow men might just decide to pull the plug on Hillary before these elections and consequently they will have to be postponed, but again, this way Obama will stay in office at least a year longer. That is obviously just the second favourite option, because in this scenario new elections will definetly have to be held, but at least it will give the establishment the chance to find a new candidate and Trump isn't going to get any younger anyway.
And there is even a third possibility: Whenever the shadow government is sure, that Hillary will lose these elections, they might just let Trump win the presidency, but beforehand will put pressure on him to accept certain conditions for his time in office with the threat,that otherwise they will pull the plug on Hillary and will have these elections postponed indefinetely. I don't think, that Trump would actually accept such a form of blackmail, but who knows how Independent and truly democratic he really is. But this is definetly the least likely option of all three.
The shadow government will go for Plan A as long as possible and just if Hillary will
 be collapsing again or will have more uncontrollable seizures, they will refer to Plan
 B and pull her out of the race, if neceessary just a few days before election day.
And let us see, how she will do in the two debates of whom the first one will
 be at the 26th of September. If she will show up at all !!.....
Of course these are all very zynical plots, because a lot of people must have known,
 that Hillary is seriously ill and she should have never entered the race, but they
are obviously using her to grant Barck Obama a third term in office or at
least to buy themselves more time to find a new more suitable
(democratic) puppet. Trump seems to be a bit - especially financially - to
 independent and a tad to unpredictable to them, allthough he is clearly a man
 of the establishment as well. How else would you become a billionaire
 property tycoon in New York of all places ? And for more than a year now
Trump has been sucking up to the Jewish lobby in the United States
 big time...

That could be all a big scam, Trump pretending to be anti-establishment and
 independent, the mass media writing him down and slagging him off and
whenever he is elected under this pretense he will do exactly what the
shadow men want him to do.

Are you listening, Alex Jones? And Infowars. And 'Wearechange'.
And 'pressfortruth'. And all the other so called alternative media.
Trump is no saint, the same way Obama was no saint. In my opinion
Trump will just turn out to be another puppet of the money men.

But for me personally the fact is most shocking, that the American
mass media by large are totally complicit in this plot to cover up Hillarys major health problems. These health issues are so obvious and are so visible, that it is absolutely disgusting, despicable and hugely irresponsible, that the corporate media are not mentioning them at all.
Well, but that is obviously, how this so
                called (American) democracy works...
So Long. Carsten Schulz
 0049 176 434 72044
Even in Germany the mass media are totally promoting and even glorifying Hillary
  and there is hardly any mentioning of her serious health issues either. They really
 believe the story of this not treated pneumonia, absolutely ridiculous.
And these corporate German media - for example the leading German news magazine
'Der Spiegel' or the leading Greman daily, the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) -
are totally condemning and badmouthing Donald Trump. 
They are obviously really afraid of him,
                      so Donald Trump must be doing something right !!.........
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