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Donnerstag, 13. Oktober 2016

The Syrian terrorist refugee in Germany was probably murdered in his prison cell !!

Dschaber Al-Bakr wurde von syrischen Landsleuten am Sonntag in Leipzig überwältigt, gefesselt und der Polizei übergeben. Jetzt erhängte sich der Terrorist in der JVA

Hey dear readers and fellow truth seekers,

the Syrian terrorist refugee Jabr Al-Bakr conveniently committed suicide in his German prison cell after he mentioned in interrogations, that his 'heroic' Syrian captors were actually his accomplices.

And by the way according to Islam you go straight to hell, if you ever commit suicide and
apparently Jabr Al-Bakr was a very devout muslim. In this weird ideology of Islam you are just allowed or better encouraged to kill other people, but not yourself or just together with
other People.

And this poor Syrian refugee, who entered Germany illegally and whose asylum plea was very quickly accepted, travelled afterwards extensively to Turkey and from there he went
several times across the border into Syria, the country, where he is
actually fleeing from....

You don't want this guy to spill the beanes, do You?

We Germans are really being taken for a ride here, it is totally insane !!

This guy actually went to Idlib, southwest of Alleppo, where several ISIS sleeper cells
have been operating recently:


 and here several reports in German from the German mass media, in which they
are reporting, that Jabr Al-Bakr was accusing his Syrian captors of actually
being his accomplices.




All the German media refer to the 'dpa' - 'Deutsche Presse Agentur' or the German press agency
as the source of the accomplices-statement and he 'dpa' apparently got it from the criminal


There is nothing about this information in English or American media outlets.....


So please spread this news !!.....

      So Long. Carsten Schulz.......
0049 176 434 72044... 
rumours are now emerging in the internet, that this guy on the picture is allready dead. Have a look  at him. He actually looks completely lifeless indeed, no body tension, no resistance, nothing. And blood is coming out of his mouth. Some other people think, that the person holding him, is actually a woman - look at her or his body shape - and this person is definetly not using any strength whatsoever. This is totally mysterious, this Syrian guy actually looks asleep.

Or really dead indeed.

My god, these German authorities are lying through their teeth and if some day I myself, the
 will be found dead in the gutter, it wasn't any accident. Don't believe this for a moment.
 And I will never commit suicide either, never ever, that's for sure !!..........

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