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Dienstag, 22. November 2016

Downfall or why the evil puppet Angela Merkel is running again !!

Hallo dear readers and fellow truth seekers,
our German chancellor Angela Merkel has decided that she hasn't done enough harm to Germany
and that she would like to stay another term in office, probably to finish off the job she started
and destroy Germany and its culture and way of life completely.
Why she is doing it and who is behind her I don't know, but in my opinion it is obvious, that she is a
 puppet, a marionette and that she is just executing the orders and instructions of other much bigger players. Who these people are, I don't know, but Merkel became chancellor in 2005, just a few weeks after she attended the Bilderberg meeting in Rottach-Egern in Bavaria, so we are talking about the usual suspects. And she always has been very close to Henry Kissinger:

And once in office Merkel pursued a completely different immigration policy than she demanded as opposition leader. In those days she was very, very critical of unrestricted immigration and she mentioned several times, that Germany should focus on the immigrants who are allready
in Germany, because there were enough problems with them and the most of them weren't even integrated at all. And suddenly everything changes and during the last year or so she let more than a million people into Germany, of whom 20 to 30 percent are totally illiterate.


And by now among millions of Germany there is an incredible personal hatred towards this evil and destructice woman growing. Scores of Germans have told me in private conversations, that they want her dead and rather sooner than later. I have never experienced anything like this in my life, but this violent hatred towards Merkel is fully understandable. She alone is single-handedly responsible for this mass muslim invasion into Germany. She alone without any consultations with her ministers or members of parliament decided to open Germany's borders without any need or legal requirments
 to do so.
Actually she even disregarded current asylum laws (Dublin Agreement) by announcing that migrants from safe countries would be let into Germany as well and that every Syrian citizens would be granted asylum in Germany without any individual checks. She basicly granted asylum to an entire people. It is totally insane and by now there have been hundred thousands of crimes commited by these so called refugees who are all without exception economic migrants, because they came from safe countries like Austria (!!), Hungary, Czech Republic, Italy and so on. Nobody came directly from Aleppo, Mossul or Kabul.

You don't flee from Austria to Germany, You move houses or You migrate !!

This development will eventually lead to a civil war like situation in Germany, that's for sure and and I do believe, that there will be violent attacks and even assassination attempts on Merkels life. millions of people are just totally fed up and see no chance of changing this mess through
democratic means.

And let me make one point crystal clear: if this rate of islamic immigration continues, Germany will eventually be a predominantly muslim country with Scharia law and the rest of it, it is just a question of time. It could be in 40 or 50 years or may in a hundred years, but it will definetly happen and then German won't be a democratic and liberal country anymore and it wont be an ally of the United States or Israel anymore either. So it will matter to the rest of the world as well, but the majority of Germans don't seem to care, they simply avoid looking at the facts.

Like lemmings they are walking to the abyss and next year they will be voting for Merkel again and in doing so for their own abolition and destruction. It is totally insane, it is a mass neurosis. This country has given up the will to defend itself. They are surrendering to the muslim invaders, they are surrendering to Islam. This patient has no will to live anymore.
But so be it. May it is the direction great nations are going eventually, but to observe the sheer stupidity of Germans, who are supporting this course - and that are still 70 to 80 percent - is absolutely mind boggling. With their silly welcoming culture, with their leniancy towards foreign criminals they are destroying their own country, their own culture and the future of their children
and while doing so, they still think, that they are doing the right thing. It is totally insane !!

But if These Germans - led by this evil puppet Angela Merkel - don't have the will to defend their lifestyle and their civil liberties anymore, than these people probably deserve to live in an oppressive theocratic muslim state in the future, because freedom is not free and you always should to be ready to defend it. If not the enemies of freedom will take over, take yours and others freedom away and than do as they please with you and the rest of your country. And that is exactly what these muslim invaders will be doing some day in the future. And that is exactly the reason, why the slogan
should always be:

No freedom to the enemies of freedom !!
personified evil:

The science is absolutely clear, but nobody talks about it: if this demographic developement will continue - and there is no reason why it shouldn't -, Germany will be an islamic state in the near future and the opressive and absurdly violent Islam will have prevailed.

To prevent this all muslim immigration would have to be stopped immediately and religious freedom would need to be severely restricted for all muslims allready living in Germany, but this is never
going to happen.

The only chance I see is, that an outside force, someone like Donald Trump, comes to the rescue and puts massive pressure on Germany to change their immigration policy with the threat to otherwise withdraw the friendship of and the protection by the United States of America. That is exactly, what the future president Donald Trump should be doing otherwise the United States will loose a powerful and loyal ally in the forseeable future.

But who is going to tell Donald Trump??

Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz
0049 176 434 72044


By the way I did apply for one of the jobs in Donald Trumps
new administration, foreign policy advicer with
emphasis on German affairs !!


May be Germany should even forbid Islam as a totalitarian unconstitutional political ideology, which it is, without a shadow of a doubt. Always remember Adolf Hitler. He used democracy and liberty to get rid of both an he announced it from the start, but nobody forbade his movement. And see what happened then.

And please, dear readers and fellow truth seekers, donate a small amount,
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I am trying to make a living here !!
Carsten H Schulz
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   Thank you very much !!

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