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Mittwoch, 9. November 2016

Happy 9/11 everybody !!

Congratulations, Donald Trump and German Folks, lets make Germany great again
 next and especially more German. And may be a bit more American as well.

And please, Mr.President, use your new powers to rid us of the traitor to the
 German people, the devious and clinicly insane Angela Merkel.

  Please !!!!!  

Thank you for that and God bless !!

   Yours sincerely. Carsten Schulz........
0049 176 434 72044



And please, dear Readers and fellow truth seekers, donate a small amount,
        so that I can continue my truely independent and investigative journalism.
I am trying to make a living here !!

Carsten H Schulz
Halifax UK
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   Thank you very much !!

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