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Dienstag, 5. Juni 2018

Will the Bilderberg conference in Turin drop Angela Merkel and make German defence minister Ursula von der Leyen the new German chancellor ??

               Bildergebnis für von der leyen kissinger

Dear fellow truth seekers and political activists

in 2 days time on the 7th of June 2018 the annual Bilderberg conference will start in Turin/Italy.
              Here is the official list of participants:           ........

From a German perspective it is very interesting, that the German defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen will attend after 2015 and 2016 for the third time since she took over the ministry of defence. So I personally suspect very strongly, that she will be crowned the successor of chancellor Angela Merkel, who is of no use to the global elite anymore, especially after she has caused so many disturbances and frictions among the EU-member-states.
The Bilderbergers and other agents of the NEW world Order (NWO) want a United Europe, an centralised and undemocratic European superstate controlled by them and they don't want Great Britain to leave the European Union and they dont wan't Italy to leave the Eurozone, but to achieve these goals they need a new German chancellor, a new protagonist, a new puppet, someone, who can bring the EU-countries together instead of driving them apart, what Angela Merkel has been doing for the last years or so.
And always remember what happened 2005 when the Bilderberg meeting was in Rottach-Egern in Bavaria/Germany. Our then chancellor Gerhard Schröder was there, Angela Merkel, the then leader of the German opposition was there and by the way for the very first time and a few weeks later Schröder called for early elections without any need to do so and a few months later Merkel was the new chancellor of Germany and has been ever since.
Gerhard Schröder basicly committed political suicide by calling for These early elections
and he must have known it. Had he waited only one year for the regular elections to happen he would have won these elections with flying colours and would be still chancellor today. So who told him to make such a silly and completely self-harming political move? Who gave him these particular orders? You have to conclude, that this was someone at the Bilderberg meeting in Rottach-Egern a few weeks earlier.
So let us see, what will happen this year. I predict, that Merkel will we ousted and von der Leyen will be crowned the new chancellor of Germany to have a fresh start for Europe and I am sure that this will happen within a few months. The boss of the biggest German news cooperation Matthias Döpfner from the Springer Company will be one of the attendees as well and if his numerous newspapers and news cannels will start reporting very criticly about Angela Merkel she wont be able to keep her job for much longer.
Needless to say Matthias Döpfner is a very good friend of Henry Kissingers and belongs
to the inner circle of the Bilderbergers. He has attended about 10 of their previous meetings allthough he doesnt belong to the steering committee, but may be hedoesnt want to. And by the way Henry Kissinger is the person, who looked after von der Leyen from the start.He fostered her career and they had numerous private meetings since she became minister of defence.. She was even sitting next to him at the gala dinner in Dresden Castle at the Bilderberg meeting in 2016.
I myself actually reported about their very special relationship widely:

And look how cosy they look together:
It seems very obvious to me:
Ursula von der Leyen is the future (of Germany) and Angela Merkel is the past !!
  So Long. Carsten Schulz,
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a very interesting additional Information:
von der Leyens father Ernst Albrecht was the governor of my state Lower Saxony from 1976 to 1990 when he was replace by Gerhard Schröder, but more important he was from as early as 1954 for the predecessor of the Europeaan Union, the Montan Union and 1958 he became head of the then European cabinett and 1969 he became general director of the then European Community. So von der Leyens father was one of the earliest leading German federalist and you can imagine the contacts this man had !!


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